The Antique Warehouse is Vancouver’s premier Antique and Vintage supplier of some of the most beautiful furniture in the city.  We mainly import from France, but whatever we sell, it’s the best your money can buy. 

We are a wholesaler.  Although all our prices are clearly marked,  our prices are 50% lower than other retailers.  Either local or particularly global.  We do not have a fancy showroom so you know your paying for product, and not overhead.

Want to buy a French 19th Century Buffet Hutch?  You can spend a fortune trying to buy one of these from France.  We have them here at the Warehouse for ( in some cases ) less than the cost of shipping. 

The reason?  We buy in bulk.  Personally. 

We travel to France and other parts of Europe 5 times a year filling 40ft Jumbo containers.   Each container takes about 6 – 8 weeks in transit before it reaches Vancouver.

We have recently become interested in Consignments.  Why?  Because it’s a service many of clients love.  They may have bought something years ago but need to downsize or change themes in their home.  Where else can you use furniture for 10 years or more and sell it for a good price?  

Its a win win situation for everyone!

So check us out!  We have ONE location only on 226 S.W. Marine Drive.  Near the 70th St Cambie Street Sky train station.  Between Cambie and Main on the South Side of the street.




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