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It’s December 1st, and if you’re feeling the stress or excitement of Christmas descend you’re not alone. Decorating your home and getting it ready for the Holidays are always a priority.

You could go to the Bay and take advantage of their ‘40% off sale on all Christmas Decorations’ and make your home look like a department store display. But do you really want to do that? There’s nothing more dull than a ‘pre-lit’ Christmas plastic tree that’s already assembled and perfectly shaped crammed with glittery monochromatic colors. Sure it’s easy, and frankly doesn’t take any time or much thought. ( Let’s face it, with the advent of computers and cell phones, time has become a real luxury )

But if you want something a little different, I’ve found some interesting things using real flowers, fresh fruit and more.

For me, I’m going to do something completely different for my tree. Instead of the ‘perfectly shaped’ tree, I’m going for the uncultivated natural tree with vintage ornaments. Reminds me of when I was little and it’s something no one else is doing I’m sure. I’m going to try some of the ideas below too. I love the idea of more fresh fruit and flowers in my home anyway.

Or you could completely over the top and do this….

But if you prefer ( as do I )
the more subdued subtle and elegant approach to Christmas have a look below.

White poinsettias, hydrangea, and kale are used in this imaginative and luxurious display

White poinsettias, hydrangea, and kale are used in this imaginative and luxurious display

Amaryllis and Poppy Berries are used in this display.

Amaryllis and Poppy Berries are used in this display.

Use fresh red carnations.

I normally don’t like carnations all that much, but they do create a fabulous burst of color in this simple and elegant Christmas display.

This is an interesting idea using fresh limes.

This is an interesting idea using fresh limes, lemons, pears and magnolia branches. ( I guess you’d have to eat the pears every other day to make this work)


Roses, pine cones, and wheat!


Spruce, Bay Leaf and Eucalyptus Cuttings give this a magical look.

I love the use of paperwhites...elegant and aromatic.

I love the use of paperwhites…elegant and aromatic.

Now for some Cultivated Christmas Tree Displays and more!


I had to throw in this photo….You could recreate this look using a ‘flocked’ tree with just red ornaments.

dorothy-jordan-christmas puppies in stockings

Those are puppies in the stockings! C.1930.


They play polo in the Winter in France!

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I hope you enjoyed my collection for the Holiday Season. Visit our website at www.antiquewarehouse.net