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Well no, not exactly, you’ll have to travel to White Rock. But it’s well worth the effort. I lived in White Rock for a very short time, but it was during that time that I discovered this little jewel in Ocean Park. Just this week I was out in White Rock and paid them another visit. It all came rushing back. The authenticity, the warmth of the proprietors, their fabulous selection of everything Italian and wonderful. Wonderful things exclusive only to them!

The Verrando's Deli Italia, A Family Affair Extraordinaire.

The Verrando’s Deli Italia, A Family Affair Extraordinaire.

The name of this wonderful place? ‘Deli Italia’.

Penney Verrando and her son Rome (the owners) are by far the warmest and most charming people you’ll ever want to meet. It’s sincere Italian passion for what they do that makes you like them instantly. ( Rome looks like he stepped out of an Italian movie with his great curly brown hair and larger than life personality )

They travel to Italy several times a year bringing back treasures that only they could find. And of course they speak fluent Italian.

Located at 1629A-128th Street in South Surrey, this place has more of the most gorgeous gourmet things than any other deli in the city. From the real European ‘deli’ hams, to the imported Italian pastas, to even real Italian pizza dough already formed and ready to pop in the oven. They even make there own sauce from tomatos they import from Italy.

Fresh and fabulous are the buzz words at this place.

We were there just this past week, so they were all dressed up for Christmas with Pannetones that absolutely no one else sells in the lower mainland. Like Pistachio cream filled ( my favorite ) for starters and another that’s covered in chocolate and shaped like a pig wrapped in an elegant gift wrapped box. You won’t find this one at Bosa Brothers, or any other Italian deli either.

Pannetone Limoncello.

Pannetone with Limoncello.

Beautiful olive oils and wonderful balsamic vinegars up to $135/ bottle. But don’t fret at the price, they have everything for ever budget.  But gauranteed it’s the best your money can buy. Just ask Penney and she won’t steer you wrong.

There's at least 50 different types of balsamic vinegars of all sizes and prices.

There’s at least 50 different types of balsamic vinegars of all sizes and prices.

So if you happen to pass by this place ( try it for lunch, you can have a freshly made ‘real’ Italian thin crust pizza exactly like they have in Italy or France ) you won’t be disappointed.

And do them tell them I sent you. I like to promote people I sincerely believe in. And I beleive, no I know, you will not be disappointed.

Until next time.