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Hello to all,

It’s been a while since my last ‘blogpost’ for which I must apologize. I love doing my blog, but the last 6 weeks have been devoted to France and hunting for furniture and objets d’art for our next shipment. Between working and going to the odd social event I literally haven’t a free second to do anything! Dining at 10pm. at night was becoming a regular occurence and getting to bed before 1 am was a rare event! ( Then up a 6 am. to travel for hours to another source ) And people think I have fun!! It is or I couldn’t do it.

Now that I’m home, and the pace has ground to a pleasant more tolerable pace, I’ll be blogging on this particular voyage on everything from the Paris Design Week to eating live ‘oursins vivant’ or as we would say live sea urchins! Stay posted, it’s going to be fun and interesting.

This weeks focus is on dining rooms, all different styles of them. The Holidays are quickly descending upon us, so this weeks focus is on our main entertainment area…the Dining Room.

Our homes, particularly our dining rooms are becoming increasingly more important in our busy hectic lives. Our home’s are our safe havens, our temples of relaxation and beauty. Our homes say everything about who we are and who we are not!

It seems people these days, (even here in Paris) are becoming less enchanted with dining out, and more and more with dining at home. Dining at home is private, home chef’s are assured at what’s actually going into their food and more importantly how it’s prepared, discussions around the table can be animated without worrying about disturbing or being disturbed by neighbouring patrons, and it’s a chance to show off a beautiful creative living space. Frankly it’s just far more fun and relaxed.

It’s just around this time of year that entertaining will become the focal point in our lives. The children are back at school and the Christmas season is just around the corner.
If you’re feeling your dining room could use an injection of a litle glamor or elegance I’ve collected a series of photos to help ‘inspire’ you.They’re dining rooms of every style, but in every case interesting and chic.

Note how well the rustic farm table works in a modern setting. Charm infused with 21st. Century Modern. The chairs are French ladder backs.

Love the use of the ‘drawleaf’ table in this dining room. We always have these in stock at the AW.

This harvest table was shot inside of a large country house in France. Note the use of the quality industrial chairs opposite a French settle/bench. I’m not a great fan of the industrial chair, everyone seems to have one, and their simply not comfortable. But if that’s your thing, the contrast of designs is fun. (Beynac et Cazenac, France)

Note how well the contrast works with an all white interior. The wood cuts the starkness of the monochromatic ‘all white’ and adds warmth,character and interest.

Again a rustic table in a modern interior. Charm and style.

For a more elegant and traditional look, this mahogany Regency style table will always look refined, paired with traditional mahogany chippendale chairs. A popular look that is timeless and will never look dated

Note that the table top of this featured table is created from ‘Versailles Parquet’ which is a style of flooring that was first designed for the Palace of Versailles in the 1700’s. We have original ‘Versailles Parquet’ flooring from the 1700’s at the Antique Warehouse stored in our backrooms.(if anyone’s interested just call us )

Note how beautifully these French cameo backed bergeres work wonderfully with a ‘regency’ styled table. People love the classic regency styled tables for their ease of seating, (no legs to interfere) and classic design.

Classic English design in this elegant beautifully appointed dining room. We have two of these ‘Georgian Sideboards’ currently available at the Antique Warehouse.

The table featured in this photo is a typical Victorian table from the late 1800’s and it’s paired with classic chairs. The room is in no way tired or boring with the accessorizing and color palette chosen.

Note how the chaises mouton ( a typically southern France chair ) and rustic table work great with a 70’s inspired chandelier making the whole look modern and chic.

Until next time…enjoy your home and love your antiques.

Mark LaFleur
‘Bonne Fete’