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Rose, Raspberry, and Litchi fruit flavored heart for ‘Fete des Meres’ or Mother’s Day which falls in France on May 26.

There will always be a love affair with everything French. And why not?

Despite what the sad economy is doing to its people, the French can’t help doing just about everything, beautifully.

They’ve been masters of it for centuries. From fashion to food, they’re simply extraordinary.

Their macarons are no exception.

Despite their recent arrival on the ‘Faux French’ scene here in Vancouver, the best Macarons here in our lovely city can not hold a candle to any of the creations by famous French pastry chef ‘Pierre Herme’

I discovered ‘Pierre Herme’ about 10 years ago in Paris and I’ve been hooked ever since. It was my friend Brigitte who let me in on the secret.

“Ils sont les meilleurs en France” ( they are the best in France ) she explained as I took a bite into one of their ‘rose’ flavored creations. And she was right. Not only was the burst of the subtle flavor not to be believed but the delicate treasure literally melted in my mouth. It was one of those many life altering experiences that can only be experienced in France. Unfortunately.

Why do I say unfortunately?

Because these gossamer light creations can only be purchased in France. They will not and have no intention of ever shipping them internationally.

It’s not a ‘French’ snob thing, they explained (when I asked, no begged, them), it’s simply they do not travel well. Because of their light texture the mail would simply annihilate them!

Ever since experiencing that wonderful sensation of a Pierre Herme ceation I have been on the hunt ever since to see if anything locally can match that experience that is forever etched into my memory banks.

Sadly, nothing compares here in our city. I’ve tried them all and they’re either too sweet, or too hard or uninspired flavor combinations.

I remember stopping into the hip new ‘Thierry’ on Alberni street jammed packed with younger well heeled clients and attitude laden staff, purchasing just one of their macarons as a sample. I almost lost a tooth. When I asked when they were made (thinking they must have been made days ago) I was informed rather brusquely that they were ‘freshly baked’ that morning and promptly dismissed as a cranky old person.

Anyway, if anyone ever discovers a fabulous macaron here in Vancouver, please let me know.

If not, this blog is meant to inspire you into visiting the fabulous Pierre Herme pastry shop whenever you make your next trip to Paris. You’ll thank me for ever for parting with one of my secrets.


Pierre Herme’s new ‘Garden’ creation for Spring/Summer 2013. Sublime is the only way to describe it.

The new ‘Les Jardin’s box shown here is composed of the following flavors:

Rose and Jasmin

Apricot and Pisatchio

Milk Chocolate and Passion Fruit.

Olive oil of green fruits and vanilla

Peruvian chocolate

Vanilla and green olives

Vanilla and crunchy french caramel.

Ce coffret de 20 macarons est composé des saveurs suivantes :
ROSE & JASMIN – Rose & Jasmin
ARABESQUE – Abricot & Pistaches Croustillantes
MOGADOR – Chocolat au Lait & Fruit de la Passion
HUILE D’OLIVE & VANILLE – Huile d’Olive Fruité Vert, Vanille & éclats d’Olives Vertes
INFINIMENT CHOCOLAT PÉROU – Chocolat Pure origine Pérou Province de Morropón, Communauté d’Asprobo
CRÈME BRÛLÉE – Vanilles & éclats de Caramel

Remember, Pierre Herme, for macarons. Nothing else, (not even in France) compares!

Until next time!