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The latest edition of the April 2013, Veranda Magazine (my personal favorite of all the interior design publications) has an article on ‘Farm Tables’ and how they add charm and character to any home. Modern or Traditional.

This isn’t something new to us, or to them for that matter. Veranda’s always featuring  French Antiques in their wonderful interiors. So it’s little surprise that ‘farm tables’ are a subject for discussion.

I’ve clipped some excerpts from the article and included some scans from the pages themselves.  I’ve also included photographs of some of the tables available at The Antique Warehouse. All imported from either England or France.

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“Introduce a farm table to a room and the space is immediately friendlier, happier, cozier”

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We couldn’t agree more. They go on to say:

“No other piece of furniture conjures atmosphere quite like it. Can’t you just see the lingering dinner parties, the little heads hunched over homework, the big bowls of rising dough?.

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No other piece is quite as adaptable, either. It softens the modern, leavens the traditional and cuts the frills from the feminines, all while wearing its use extremely well. Nicks, bangs, cuts and scratches on make farm tables look better. What’s not to love about that?”

Nothing!. We love Farm tables, and currently have an interesting selection the Antique Warehouse. The nice thing about ‘antique’ tables is the patina. Patina, (color, richness, and wear) can never be reproduced in a reproduction. We know because we’re always on the hunt for that perfect reproduction.  We have seen them all, From the best of the best in Europe to locally produced ones.

It would be so much easier to order a farm table because their scarcity has become a reality ( we only found one on our last trip ) and their price has become prohibitive.

But as we wish to retain our integrity, we’ll stick to the ‘real thing’. We found our clients prefer that we do too.

Happy Shopping!

See our lovely farm tables below.

Dont forget to visit our website at: www.antiquewarehouse.net

Constructed from solid chestnut, this table is 19th Century, has a beautiful warm color and patina and is very large. Over 98" Long x 45" Wide x 30" High. Has four drawers.

Constructed from solid chestnut, this table is 19th Century, has a beautiful warm color and patina and is very large. Over 98″ Long x 45″ Wide x 30″ High. Has four drawers.


19th Century Smaller Scaled Antique Solid Oak Farm Table from Eastern France. This table has lovely color and patina, and will sit eight comfortably.


Fabulous thick solid Oak planked Antique Farm Table from Provence. The patina on this is incredible! 35″W x 85″L x 30″H


A nice Italian style farm solid oak planked antique farm table with the classic X beams in wrought iron. 33.5″W x 79″L x 29″H


A lovely long Antique French fruitwood farm table, simple and solid, with ample room for three or even four people down each side. 94″L; 30″W; 30″T, rustic planked top; pegged joinery; two drawers