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It’s Easter Time, a time for renewal, a time for reflection, and the time for Easter Eggs, usually of the chocolate variety.

Here in Paris, even though the weather is making it feel more like Christmas the windows of the Chocolatiers, Patissieres, and Traiteurs are ablaze with gorgeous Easter treats so beautiful that words just can’t describe.

However one name above all, stands for some of the most beautiful Easter Eggs ever made. And these are not chocolate!

Peter Carl Faberge.


For those of you who don’t know who Peter Carl Faberge is, he was a Russian born Jeweller of German and French descent who became one of the most celebrated jewellers of all time.

While he produced magnificent objects over his life time he is most noted for his Imperial Easter Eggs which he produced for the Tsar Nicholas and his family beginning around 1887. Tsar Nicholas was so enamored with these eggs, that he ordered two each year at Easter time, one for his wife, the Empress Alexandra, and his Mother. The tradition continued until the October Russian Revolution of 1917.  54 Eggs were made in total and only 47 survived.

During the Russian Revolution some of the Eggs disappeared, but many were confiscated by Lenin and then Stalin, who began trading them for badly needed Western Currency.

Noted American Businessman Armand Hammer a personal friend of Lenin, bought 14 of the eggs and brought them to the U.S. to be sold. But because of Great Depression there was very little interest.  In fact the Eggs were marketed through department stores and sold for as little as $500.  The last one sold in 2007 through Sotheby’s auction house in London for 15M Euros.


The Fabulous Rothschild Faberge Easter Egg sold for 15M Euros in 2007.

The Russian Communists seized Faberge’s business, imprisoned him, then freed him where he fled to Switzerland and then died ‘of a broken heart’

49-imperialeggs-1These photos represent only a handful of these magnificent pieces.





Now if Chocolate Easter Eggs appeal France has some of the most beautiful made anywhere. They sell for 95E Each and sadly are not available anywhere but in France. ( I know, I tried to have one sent to Canada )


Easter Egg at Pierre Herme


Easter Egg at Pierre Herme


Easter Egg from Le Notre


Easter Egg from Le Notre

Now if your anywhere near Vancouver and want something local and fun try Thomas Haas for his charming Easter Collection for 2013



Happy Easter or Joyeux Paques!

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