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Vintage Tea Parties you say? Apparently so…and very much in Vogue. Particularly in London where Londoners are setting the style for the rest of the world to follow.

From tea for two to parties of several hundred people, everyone’s pulling out or acquiring vintage tea cups, silver tea services, setting elegant tables with white linen and flowers, serving elegant little petite fours on petite four serving dishes, hiring caterers (for the big parties) and reliving the elegance of the civilized ‘tea party’.


Some go as far as even hiring hair stylists to re-do guests hair in vintage styles or invite guests with there ‘maddest’ hats and have a real ‘mad hatter’ party.

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The photo above is from a blog where a London woman has seen to every detail to create a fabulous childrens ‘Mad Hatter’ tea party.

It all sounds like too much fun to me.

Upon further research I discovered one woman in particular whose turned tea parties into a full time business. Angel Adoree who resides in London, writes books, sells vintage pieces, plans and executes vintage tea parties of every size and calibre.

In our mad and fast past world (which seems to be getting madder and faster by the second) it’s nice to rethink our hectic lives and set aside some time for the more simple pleasures. At least like the Europeans who really know how to slow down and enjoy life. It’s no wonder that the ‘vintage tea party’ has made a resurgence in popularity.

Sounds good doesn’t it. Well this blog for the week is devoted on giving you some ideas on how to throw a really smashing tea party replete with fine teas and petite fours, to how and where to find ‘tea party’ pieces to really make your tea party a haven of refined elegance and great fun too!

Click on this link for more information

Read how one woman created a fabulous  childrens “Mad Hatter Tea Party”.

Today’s Blog is devoted to my cousin Cynthia whose charming home is just perfect for the elegant tea party.

And to my dear late Mother who I miss.  She always loved giving and going to elegant tea parties.


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