No, but apparently you can in Richmond!
Every time we come back from Paris, we search high and low for pastries as beautiful and delicious as the ones we have in Paris.
Sadly, we’ve not found anything to date. And believe me we’ve tried them all.
But from all accounts, our client and her newly opened L’Opera Patisserie and Tea House in Richmond has created just that. The authentic French Croissant. Not only croissants but pastries of all kinds that are apparently as lovely and delicious as anything you’ll find in France.
We knew of her enterprise a little over a year ago, when Janice and her Mother, Mei came to the Antique Warehouse to carefully furnish her tea house with authentic French vintage and antique furniture.
We’ve not yet tried L’Opera ourselves, but from the look of these photos, not only the croissants look fabulous but so does everything else!
We will definitely pay Janice a visit once we’re back from France.
Until then Good Luck to Janice and her lovely L’Opera Patisserie and Tea House.
Best of Luck to you Janice!
Bon Appetit


interior of L'Opera

L'Opera exterior

Janice Marta went to Paris eight years ago, and fell in love with French pastries.  Once home, she found herself frustrated she couldn’t find the same in Richmond, and decided to make them for herself.  This began years of a self-taught pastry education that’s now resulted in the creation of L’Opera Patisserie on Minoru Boulevard.  She and her mother, Mei, opened the business just months ago, and have slowly but surely begun to build an adoring clientele.

L'Opera interior

The shop’s interior is grand enough to match its name – it’s like being inside an opulent box seat at the Paris Opera House.


It’s wallpapered in a rich, red and gold brocade, with vintage-looking chandeliers and sconces.

L'Opera chandelier

Each day, they make all their products (including puff pastry) from scratch, and along with croissants offer a number of desserts and petite, colourful, French macarons.  Take note, gluten-free eaters!


Open from Wednesday to Sunday, they’re now offering High Tea every day, though still require tea reservations to be made 48 hours in advance.

L'Opera window display

The tea menu changes regularly, but always includes a pot of tea, sandwich, pastry, macaron of your choice, and four other sweets.  The tea pot comes on a  cast iron stand with a tea light below to keep it warm.

teapot at L'Opera

tea at L'Opera

Goodies arrive on a lovely, two-tiered silver tea stand, with the sweets tucked in around the bottom and the savouries on top.

Jill at L'Opera

Note the lovely little details.

tea charm at L'Opera

Sandwiches are carefully wrapped in parchment and sealed with “L’Opera” stickers

tea sandwich

tea cup

Dark-chocolate covered strawberries arrive in a finely spun caramelized candy basket.

candy basket at L'Opera

brioche and preserves

pastries at High Tea from

raspberry cream mille feuille

lemon tart at L'Opera

burnt sugar cream puff

chocolate-covered strawberries

ham and cheese croissant

fruit danishes from L'Opera

High Tea at L’Opera is $25 a person and according to reports is well worth every penney!

macarons from L'Opera

Bon appetit!


L’Opera Patisserie

5951 Minoru Boulevard, Richmond BC


Cash and cards accepted

Vegetarian and gluten-free options available

Reservations for High Tea must be made 48 hours in advance