Spring is just around the corner, but you’d never know it here in the city of Light.

Larry and I are here for our Spring/Summer 2013 buying trip and all I can say I’m thankful I packed my downfilled fur trimmed parka because it’s freezing cold here in Paris.

Granted this is a freak Winter Storm that has gripped Northern Europe, but apparently out in the Loire and Yvelines Valleys temperatures have plunged to frigid -18C.

Now to my lovely cousin Cynthia who lives in Winnipeg she is probably rolling her eyes saying something like ‘if you want to see cold, pay us a visit’. All is I can say is my heart goes out to you. Growing up on the West Coast of Canada allows us the luxury of rarely experiencing temperatures like this.

Only last week, the temperature here was a sunny Spring like 17C. and everyone was running around in T-shirts. Larry was lamenting that he packed his Winter clothes for nothing.

But yesterday, snow kept falling all day long, so by dinner time last night, there was at least a 4″ blanket covering the entire city. 15cm out in the Valley and in Normandy.

We watched from the window of our restaurant last night as Parisian taxi’s and other vehicles were spinning out all over the place. It was quite ‘La Spectacle’.

As one shopkeeper put it “Les temps sont foux, les gens sont foux, les politiques sont folles”  (The weather’s crazy, the Parisians are crazy, and Politics are Crazy)

Well we know the weather’s crazy, and French can be, but why the politiques?

Our Parisian friends are shaking their heads in disbelief  because President Hollande just this week, has introduced a bill making it illegal to sue demonstrators or protestors for damaging private property. For example, if workers decide to strike in a factory and feel like destroying it they can, and not be held libel. A potential nightmare for business owners.

Anyway, temperatures should be climbing up to more normal levels, by Friday, but until then, enjoy you’re balmy temperatures in Vancouver.

Please see some photos below! (The last being taken this morning at 7 am.)