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In this January’s 2013 edition of ‘Style at Home’ magazine Antiques literally pop up on almost every page. From revisiting silver tea sets and bone china cups and saucers, to Victorian and French furniture. It’s as if everything old is suddenly new again.  If you’re reading my blog it’s probably because you love Antiques. Continue reading and discover new ways to use your lovely pieces!

Check out the silver tea service and the bone china cups and saucers! Time to pull out and dust off Mom’s gorgeous old silver and bone china tea cups.  It’s suddenly become ‘Vogue’ again.

In This article, Toronto Designer Alex Donovan uses French antiques in every room of his 900 sq. ft. condo. In the photo above he has a vintage Louis XVI headboard that he repainted himself. Notice the detail of the carving. It’s detail is crisp and intricate which indicates it’s probably vintage.  When asked his preferred aesthetic or style his answer was ‘French, French, French’.  Why? Because the style is classic and so easy to mix with anything!

In this photo above, Alex uses a 19th Century French cherry armoire in his shocking pink room. Alex doesn’t advocate that everyone use as much color as he does unless theyre able to balance it through scale and pattern. Here in his den, the armoire tempers the boldness of the pink walls and blue chaise longues.

In this photo above, Alex states “every house should have a gorgeous bergere chair.  It’s great for lounging and a very comfortable piece to have”.  We couldn’t agree more!    (The bergere in this room is vintage due to the fact that the detail is crisp and intricate not usually found in a modern reproduction!) Take note of the small French Chest!

In this photo a Louis XV table or Bureau Plat ( not sure which) grounds this playful and colorful room. We always have many of these here at the Antique Warehouse.

In our next photo below, Style at Home editor ‘Erin McLauglin’ inherited a gorgeous Victorian table and chairs which she uses in her home today.  To bring the look into the 2013, Erin chose a dramatic palette for her walls to showcase the beauty of the mahogany, but also to modernize a potentially ‘fussy’ look.  It looks anything but in her lovely room.

Note how well the contemporary carpet works with table and chairs.

By changing color palette on the walls and window coverings, the Antiques pop. Style at Home suggests ‘Brick Room Red’ from Farrow and Ball to showcase the fine mahogany wood of your antiques.

Note the use of Coral and shells in this old English Bookcase.  Love the contrast of the stark white of the coral with the rich red mahogany of the bookcase!

In this last and final photograph, an English single pedestal regency style table and Edwardian armoire are paired with contemporary armchairs and a shocking pink ottoman for modernity and interest.  What do you think?

I hope you’ve been inspired to revisit your antiques and think of ways to bring them into the 21st Century. As you know, antiques never go out of style when used properly in a setting.