While scanning through House and Home Magazine for 2013, I came across this article written by Alison Garwood-Jones called “On the Bright Side”.

It’s about a Torontonion homeowner who chooses a 21st Century contemporary loft with 14′ ceilings as her living space. It’s what she does with this space that sets it apart from the predictable and unimaginative  ‘all modern’ interiors.

It was her choice of French Antiques were what drew me to this article, but more importantly I loved how this particular homeowner blended Antiques with stark ultra modern and successfully created an interesting, chic living space.

In this photograph below ( the title page ) the homeowner took an early 20th Century French Daybed, converted it to a sofa/settee (we have clients doing this all the time), flanked it with a bouillotte table and a small three drawered chest. Of particular note is the plexiglass coffee table and the contemporary artwork above.  It all works, and is sophisticated in its’ look without looking fussy or busy.


In this next photo the homeowner’s 14′ ceilings and soaring pillars create a dramatic palate in which the designer can work her interior design magic. Instead of defaulting to contemporary custom made furniture, we see more and more designers creating interest and charm with the combination of Antiques and Modern. From the Louis XVI Armchair to the French Cameo backed dining chairs, everything works harmoniously and elegantly. Note the Transitional Buffet placed in front of the wall of windows.


“Black white and red have always been my signature colors”, says the homeowner when interviewed for this article. In this next photo she is shown with her Maltese Schnauzer cross ‘Beta’

Scanned Image 130090003

Photo below illustrates a bedroom that is ultra contemporary except for the French Transitional night table flanking the bed. It gives the punch of color that the room needs to create an exciting interesting look.

Scanned Image 130090004

Scanned Image 130090005