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My apologies for not blogging for many weeks now but things have been super busy.  I’ve just returned from France on a six week buying trip and have chocker blocked 2 full jumbo containers full of wonderful French things.  From 17th Century Antiques to present day Decorative bits.  The first container is slated to arrive towards the end of November (fingers crossed). In any event, please see below some inspirational photos I have collected over the past few months.  All Christmas decorations from the simple to the sublime!  If any of you have beautiful Christmas photos please send them along. I’d love to see them!

Nothing particularly Christmasy about this photo except that I love it. Fabulous Art Nouveau at its best in Paris.

I like this photo because a French Buffet, Mirror and chair are peaking out from the left side of the photo. And oh, the tree’s nice too!

That’s a peacock on top of that tree!

We have chairs like these at the Antique Warehouse

Not particularly fond of ‘all white’ environments…but this tree is especially pretty.

I LOVE the non cultivated tree. It reminds me of Christmases as a little kid when those ‘perfect’ trees weren’t invented and everyone had a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.