Most of you are not aware that I once had another life as a ‘fashion designer, authority and illustrator’.  It was my passion as a young person and I started off studying a year in Paris at the age of 20, and then moved to NYC and eventually graduating with honors from the famous ‘Parsons School of Design’.

I worked in both cities, Paris and NY, as a freelancer (I wasn’t employable in either country without the proper documention or ‘green card’). I then moved back to Vancouver and illustrated/designed for the Vancouver Sun, Province, Vancouver Magazine and  other private clients.

In any event, my work with the Antique Warehouse has taken precedence, but it still allows me the luxury of pursuing my first love, Fashion!

Well as luck would have it, we arrived in Paris for the beginning of Fashion week in Paris. The city becomes alive with total glamor ( even more than normal ) with models, photographers, designers, crawling the streets. It’s pure magic.

I decided to pursue my love of fashion by calling up some of my old contacts and purchasing things I could bring back on the plane.  Like Jewelry!  Or as the French call it ‘Bijoux Fantasie” or ‘costume jewelry’

Many of the names I knew, like Chanel, Krizia, Dior, but some I didn’t.  I bought things purely because I liked them.

Below are many of the things I bought!   They will be offered for sale first at the Antique Warehouse but for a limited time.  (Be sure to click on each designers name for more information)

Manchette bracelet by Francois Lesage.

Necklace by the famous Italian Sculptor ‘Giorgio Vigna’

This bracelet is currently on sale in London for 4500Euros.

Bracelets by the famous Italian Sculptor ‘Giorgio Vigna’

Brooches by ‘Giorgio Vigna

Earrings by Carlo Zini

Bracelets by Mina Poe

Bracelets by Xavier Delcour  The bracelet on the right has large Sequins and sparkles like crazy.

Fabulous ‘Ethnique’ Necklace by an anonymous artist.

Pair of Necklaces “Battonets” by Krizia, Paris.

Pair of manchette sequined bracelets by Anonyme

There is more and it’s all on display at the Antique Warehouse.  Until November 31st.

For more information or prices on any of these pieces please contact us directly the Antique Warehouse.  Please ask to speak to me, as I will be personally dealing with these pieces.