Renting and selling our fabulous pieces to the movie industry is not something new to The Antique Warehouse.  In fact we’ve been doing it for years. Starting with 21 Jump Street ( The original production starring Johnny Depp ) some 20 odd years ago. We’ve also had many pieces rented to other big productions like ‘Titanic’, the ‘X’ Files ( remember them ). The list goes on and on and the productions just too numerous to mention.

Just recently, the film production line up in B.C. has been busier than ever with one hit production after another being shot on location here in our beautiful city and province.

One of these notable productions ‘Once upon a Time’ has been renting and purchasing many of our more interesting pieces for some time now.  For example, check out this fabulous Napoleon III Jardiniere we brought in from Marseilles, France.  This unusual piece looks like it should be in a haunted Castle!  In fact, it is.  It appears in a scene in the evil Queens Bedroom. The production company loved it so much they ended up buying it for keeps.  Apparently when it’s finished being used here in Vancouver they will ship it down to Los Angeles to be stored in Disney’s Production Lot for other future productions.

This fantastic whimsical peice is actually a very good Antique and dates around 1850.  Other’s like it are featured at the Musee D Orsay in Paris. It’s called ‘Le grotesque’ period of the Napelon III era.

Another interesting piece that was used on that same production was this impressive corner cabinet which stands about 9 feet high.  Which scene this will be used is not known, but we are watching the series with camera in hand just in case!  We like the series (along with thousands of other fans.)

This Lovely Mirror and Chest of Drawers below is an Italian Antique from the South of France.  Larry and I bought this fabulous set in Marseilles at the same time we bought that incredible Jardiniere that ‘Once Upon a Time’ bought.

This dresser and mirror will appear in a scene in Cinderella’s Bedroom

These three unusual pieces are just a few of some of the exciting pieces that will be appearing in film.  ( Watch for that evil little Rumplestiltskins’ cottage….many of his pieces of furniture are direct purchases from us )

We’ve also rented to the TV series ‘Alcatraz’ ( A hotel lobby scene ) and other productions. We’ll fill you in as the season continues.

The next time you’re in the Antique Warehouse, check out some of these beautiful unusual Antiques from France.  See these ‘Hollywood’ icons and if they’re in your budget you too could own your own piece of ‘Hollywood’ and create your own ‘Cinderella inspired Bedroom’.